How to Read the NIV Bible Online

The Bible is available to read online.

The New International Version of the Bible is a 20th century translation of the Bible into English. Differing from the King James version of the Bible for instance, the NIV was translated in 1978 into modern-day English. The NIV is available for reading online. The most popular web sites hosting the Bible feature full versions of the NIV for browsing and searching.

Open your Internet browser and go to A link is located in the references section.

Use the search field at the top of the home page. This field allows you to search specific passages within the Bible.

Click the button under the search field labeled "Browse by Book." This screen lets you view all the books of the Bible and choose the ones you want to read.

Choose the "Bible audio" button under the search field to bring up the books of NIV Bible in audio form. Clicking these will link to a Flash player that allows you to listen to a narrated version of the NIV Bible.

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