How to Rock Platform Tassel Loafers for Girls

Fashion blogger Faye Tsui rocks a pair of white platform loafers with a metallic skirt and striped tee for a funky look.
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Tasseled loafers can have a masculine, conservative look that makes them tough to work into your wardrobe. But a platform pair can be a stylish way to incorporate the menswear look into your closet because they have a funky, feminine look that makes them easier to style. Platform tassel loafers are actually pretty versatile, which means you can wear them for school or for a night out on the town and you'll always look on point.

1 Go Scholastic

Tasseled loafers tend to have a school-girl look to them, so use your platform pair to create a grown-up twist on the look. Tuck a crisp, white, button-down blouse into a plaid skirt -- skip the mini styles, though, to look appropriate for school. Instead, go with a knee-length pencil or pleated style. Add tights and simple, understated jewelry like pearl studs. You can tone down the masculine look of your tasseled loafers by pairing them with softer, more feminine pieces. Layer a pink crew neck sweater over your white button-down and pair it with a swingy, knee-length, floral-print skirt and your loafers. Throw on a pearl necklace and a headband or clip with a bow to tie the look together.

2 Keep Casual

Tasseled platform loafers are an ideal alternative to pumps or heeled boots when you’re going for a casual look. Wear your brown loafers with your favorite dark-wash skinny jeans, and top with a relaxed, V-neck, boyfriend sweater in a rich shade like cranberry or eggplant. Or throw a pair of black loafers on with a belted tunic topic and black leggings for a comfortable, low-key look. You can add a little personality to your outfit with a pair of chandelier earrings or a bold, beaded statement necklace.

3 Polish Up

When you’re going for a polished, professional look for a work day, an interview or a presentation in class, swap your usual high heels for tasseled platform loafers. Try a cobalt or emerald V-neck sweater with a pair of black pinstripe trousers and black loafers. If you want a look with a little more flair, loop a floral-print scarf around your neck. You can also wear your loafers with a sleek black pencil skirt and pale pink, button-down blouse. Throw a matching black blazer on to create a suit-like effect. Or wear a pair of brown, tasseled, platform loafers with a cream-colored sheath or shirt dress. Cinch your waist with a matching brown belt and add gold hoop earrings to finish off the outfit.

4 Get Funky

Tasseled platform loafers have a bold, dramatic look that is sure to get you noticed, so try incorporating them into some funky looks. For an evening out, pair a red, lace, cropped top with a black mini skirt, black tights and black loafers. Throw on a silver spiked necklace and some silver bangles and carry a sparkly red clutch to complete the look. During the day, layer a denim jacket over your favorite graphic tee and wear them with a skater skirt in a neutral color like black or gray. Add some textured tights in a bold color like red, purple or hot pink, and step out with your favorite, tasseled, platform loafers on your feet.

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