A flannel shirt can easily shed its lumberjack rep with the help of the right shoe. Fortunately, the right shoe can take many forms -- from a burly boot to a simple slip-on. A flannel shirt can be surprisingly versatile if it has the proper shoe to take the lead.

Shoot for Boots

Revive the 1990s appeal of the flannel shirt with a pair of boots. You can go with lace-up boots for a healthy dose of grunge or a bootie for a tough look that's a bit more lax. Tuck skinny jeans into tall lace-ups or pair them with an ankle boot to let them show. Find boots in a vivid hue for a playful pop of color.

Opt for Oxfords

OK, this might sound a bit strange, but it works. An oxford balances the ruggedness of a flannel shirt; it adds polish as a dressy shoe but without too much flash thanks to a low or nonexistent heel and clean, simple lines. A pair in black and white or any neutral combo is easily mixed with your flannel. Pair this classic with a slim pant or knee-length A-line skirt.

Comfy Combo

Nothing beats a pair of sneakers for comfort. Pick a slim, low-cut pair, rather than bulky athletic shoes. For a feminine touch, try sneakers with a wedge heel, matching or coordinating the shoe to your shirt. Slide into a pair of skinnies or boot-cut jeans, and you have a comfy and casual look that can't go wrong.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com