Unless your password is stored in your Facebook app on your BlackBerry, you must enter it when you access your account. If you cannot remember the password, you can reset it using your email account or mobile phone number. The change to your password takes effect immediately once you receive confirmation that the reset was successful. Once you reset your password, it is a good idea to update your account information on all devices on which you access Facebook.

Step 1

Launch the Facebook app on your BlackBerry phone. The email address and password fields to log in are displayed.

Step 2

Click any characters, then click “Log In.” An error message informing you that your password is incorrect displays. Attempt to log in to your account two more times.

Step 3

Click “Reset” when the option to choose a new password is presented.

Step 4

Click “Email Me a Link to Reset My Password” or “Text Me a Code to Reset My Password,” then click “Continue.”

Step 5

Open your email if you chose this option and click the link inside of the email from Facebook. Enter your new password.

Step 6

Open the “Messages” folder on your BlackBerry and record the pass code that you received in a text from Facebook. Re-open the Facebook app on your phone and enter the pass code. Enter a new password.