Although you can access Google Calendar with Safari and use the microphone function to create a new event manually, it's far easier to sync your account to your iPhone and then use Siri to add items to the Calendar app. As long as you're connected to a wireless network, iOS automatically copies to Google Calendar any new events you add to the iPhone.

Step 1

Open "Settings" from the Home screen, and then scroll to and touch "Mail, Contacts, Calendars."

Step 2

Touch "Add Account" and then choose "Google" as the account type. Enter your account credentials into the available fields and then touch "Next."

Step 3

Toggle "Calendars" to "On" and then return to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen. Touch "Default Calendar" and then select your Gmail account, if necessary.

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Step 4

Hold down the Home button until the message "What Can I Help You With?" appears on screen.

Step 5

Tell Siri what you'd like to schedule, along with the date and time of the event. For example, "Schedule a meeting with John on March 2nd at 3 p.m."

Step 6

Press "Confirm" to create the new event, or, if the information is incorrect, press "Cancel" and then press the microphone to repeat your request.

Step 7

Connect your iPhone to a wireless hot spot and then open the Calendar app to sync your items.