Rather than having a flash drive listed with the generic “Removable Disk” label, change its name to distinguish it from any other USB drives in your possession. Since any change to the name gets stored on the flash drive itself, the new name shows up even when using the flash drive on different computers. Windows 8.1 lets you change the name of a flash drive using the File Explorer utility.

Rename Using File Explorer

To change the name on a flash drive via File Explorer, use the “Windows-E” keystroke while on the desktop or Start screen. On the File Explorer window that appears, right-click the flash drive on the left pane and then select “Rename.” Enter the new name and then left-click on any vacant area within the File Explorer window to save the changes. If prompted, click "Yes" on the UAC window that shows up. When renaming the flash drive, you cannot enter a name that exceeds 32 characters, nor can you use the characters \ / ? : * " > < | within the name.