Proper Salutations for a Thank You Note

There is etiquette to follow for thank-you notes.

If you are given a gift, it is always polite to send a thank-you note after receiving it. This acknowledges the generosity and lets the sender know the gesture is appreciated. There is proper etiquette to follow when writing a thank you.

1 How to Start

A thank-you note should always begin with a friendly greeting. The most commonly used salutation is the word "dear." Start by using the man's title first, for example "Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith." The salutation is always followed by a comma, not a colon.

2 More Personal

If you receive a gift from someone you are very close with, it is acceptable to use a first name in your salutation. In this more personal example, the woman's name would be used first, such as "Dear Lisa and Jeff."

3 How to Finish

A few sentences are sufficient after the salutation. Try to make sure you say thank you in a personal way and mention the gift specifically and how you plan to use it. Finish your note with a personal greeting by using words such as "love," "sincerely" or "yours truly."

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