At first glance, closing a Safari window on a Mac is the same as closing windows on a Windows PC. When you close the window, it disappears and the connection to whichever website you were viewing is closed. However, on Macs, closing a window does not quit the program like it does in Windows. The menu bar still display the open program's menu options, and quitting requires an additional step.

Specifics of Closing and Quitting

To close a Safari window on a Mac, click the red button in the upper left corner of the window. Alternately, you can choose "Close Window" from the "File" menu, or as a keyboard shortcut, you can use "Command-W." To quit Safari, choose "Quit Safari" from the "Safari" menu or use the keyboard shortcut "Command-Q." Quitting a program closes all windows associated with it, so you don't need to first close the windows.