How to Send Certified Mail to a P.O. Box

Send certified mail to P.O. boxes.

A post office box, especially one that is assigned to a business, will often have multiple individuals who are authorized to pick up mail from that box. When you are sending important mail items to a P.O. box, you want to make sure that your mail gets into the hands of the intended recipient. The only way to be sure that your certified mail gets into the right hands is to send it via “Certified Mail.”

Visit your local post office.

Advise a postal representative that you would like to send a certified letter that requires “Signature Confirmation” if anyone assigned to the P.O. box can pick up the mail. If you only want a specific individual to pick up the mail, advise the clerk that you would like to utilize the “Restricted Delivery” option.

Pay the appropriate fees to the clerk. He will then provide you with a tracking number to track your certified mail along with a receipt showing any extra services you purchased, such as signature confirmation or restricted delivery.

Enter your tracking number on the U.S. Postal Service website to determine whether your mail has been delivered. If you signed up for the signature confirmation or restricted delivery options, the USPS will send an official document to you that contains the name and signature of the person who picked up the letter from the P.O. box.

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