How to Send a Link From Safari on iPhone

Share a link to that funny cat picture via Safari on the iPhone.
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Text it, tweet it, email it, Facebook it. When it comes to sending a link from Safari, the iPhone provides its users with plenty of ways to share online content. While there are many options for sharing something serious like a homework assignment or something fun like a video of a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig, the steps for sharing a link through your preferred platform are the same.

1 Share a Link to a Web Page

Open Safari and navigate to the web page you want to share. Tap the Share button, shaped like a rectangle with an exiting top arrow. An Options page will open. You can choose to share your link via text message, on a social networking site, and through email. Once you pick your sharing method, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task. These will vary slightly from platform to platform.

2 Share a Link on a Web Page

Open Safari and navigate to the link on the Web page that you want to share. Hold your thumb or forefinger down on the link until a screen with sharing options displays. Tap "Copy." This will copy the link into your iPhone's short term memory. Navigate to the place where you want to share the link -- for example, navigate to the comment section on a blog or the body of an email message. To paste the link, tap in the body of the text box, and double tap the screen. A "Paste" button displays. Tap it, and send the link.

Rosemary Peters holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and a Master of Science in science communication. She has worked on editorial and design content across several publications, including "The Beacon" and "International Innovation." She has also spent time working in the Science radio unit at the BBC.