Gifts for Someone Who Loves to Write Letters

You can find a thoughtful gift for someone who writes letters in almost every price range.
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Even in the age of email and text messages, letter-writing is not a lost art. For your avid letter-writer, personalized stationery, an engraved, address labels or an embossing are good traditional presents. To take letter-writing to the next level, a calligraphy set or specialized fountain pens can help your friend or loved one an add an artistic touch to their letters. Likewise, books on correspondence etiquette -- both updated and antique -- can make good presents for the writer in your life. If your gift recipient likes to send you letters, placing a stack of self-addressed stamped envelopes in the package can be a thoughtful touch to save her time.

1 Higher-Priced Gifts

A comfortable writing desk or ergonomically-designed chair can be a thoughtful gift for a grandparent or an individual who has trouble sitting for long periods of time. Likewise, if your gift recipient prefers to type letters, a laptop or printer may be an appreciated gift. For recipients who appreciate more traditional means of letter-writing, a vintage typewriter can be a thoughtful present.

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