Locating a priest can be done with a bit of effort.

The simplest way to locate a Roman Catholic priest is by telephoning the nearest Catholic church rectory, or parish office. However, you may wish to contact a specific priest who no longer belongs to your parish -- perhaps the one who performed your wedding mass or baptized your children. In this case, finding the priest you seek becomes slightly more complicated. It is still possible, though, to find the priest you hope to find by using a few simple tools.

Go to The Catholic Directory website. On the top right-hand side of the page you will see a search bar. Although the search bar states "Organization name, city, state, or postal code," you can also enter the name of the priest for whom you are searching in this search bar. Do so and click the search icon.

Call each church on the list provided to determine whether the priest you are seeking is affiliated with it.

Check your local library or Catholic church for a copy of "The Official Catholic Directory." Search for the priest's name in the book's directory of priests.

Contact the diocese in which the priest last served, if you know it, to ask whether they can tell you his new parish information.

Contact the priest's order or the seminary he attended, if you know them, to ask whether they know where he is currently serving.