Middle School End of Year Activities

Celebrate friendships and bonds that have been made in middle school at the end of the year.

As the days of sunlight and warm weather increase, as a teacher you might find your student's attention spans are decreasing. With the school year coming to an end, show some creativity in the activities you plan for your class. Help your students escape the daily routine of homework and test taking as they prepare for a summer of fun and relaxation.

1 Field Day

Have the homerooms, or first classroom the middle school students report to each day, compete against each other in a variety of outdoor competitions at the end of the school year. Post a sign-up sheet for each homeroom, with the number of students that can compete in each event. These events can be individual events such as basketball shooting or throwing a football for accuracy and distance. They can also be team events such as relay races. Award prizes to the top three finishers in each event, and to the three homerooms that win the most events.

2 T-Shirt Memories

Help the children remember their classmates in their class by creating a shirt with the teacher's name, class name and all the students in the class. On the last day of school give each student a permanent marker to sign her name on each of her classmate's shirts. This will help the middle school students remember their classmates from each class that does this activity.

3 Digital Photo Collage

Ask your students to bring in photographs from some of their favorite activities at school throughout the school year. These can be of classroom activities, or them and their friends at various school activities such as field trips throughout the year. Use a computer with a projector and ask the students to assist you in choosing where to place the photographs on a collage using Photoshop. Give each student a copy of the file on a CD to keep as a memory.

4 Award Ceremony

Several weeks before the end of the school year, ask all of the middle school students to vote for their classmates for class superlative awards. Some of these can be serious, such as best student, best test taker, most helpful classmate and most artistic. Others can be humorous such as best sense of humor and student most likely to cheer up the class. Print out certificates for each of the students that get the most votes for these awards. You can have one winner, or award certificates to each of the top three in each category, to present more students with awards.

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