How to Reward Students for Achievement

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Rewarding students for achievements on tests, projects, speeches, and activities is very important. Consistent use of rewards helps build morale and motivation. Students like to see their accomplishments praised. Take a few moments to use strategies to provide rewards and you will be seeing students who are striving even harder to reach their academic potential.

  • Poster board
  • Sharpie markers
  • Special pencils to give out as rewards
  • Journals for rewards
  • Books for rewards
  • Certificates for awards

1 Reward hard work

Reward hard work to help students reach their potential. Everyone strives a bit harder if they know they will receive some acknowledgement or reward at the end of the project.

2 Create a large poster

Create a large poster that you update after every major test or quiz. List the names of the 10 tops scorers on the test or quiz. Students love to see their name displayed in the room. Knowing that they make make the achievement list encourages them to study more consistently.

3 Obtain journals and books

Obtain journals and books to distribute to the students as a reward after high grades on an assignment. Teenagers love to write about their lives. A journal is often a treasured possession. Schools often provide journals or check flea markets or thrift stores to find inexpensive journals and books.

4 Obtain colorful or personalized pencils

Obtain colorful or personalized pencils to give out as achievement rewards. You can often find pencils engraved to say "Good Job" or special order some with the school name. Holiday theme pencils are also a lot of fun to distribute as rewards.

5 Use special achievement certificates

Use special achievement certificates to honor students who have made the honor roll or who have the highest grades in class. A certificate the student may bring home to show parents is always a popular reward.

  • Tell students at the beginning of the year that rewards will be linked to achievement.
  • Shop flea markets and thrift shops to find inexpensive books and journals and pencils to use as rewards.
  • Update the Achievement Poster at the front of the room regularly after each test or quiz.