The Max File Size for AOL Attachments

Email attachments make it easy to transfer small and medium-size files.
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AOL's attachment size limits often make it difficult to transfer large files such as video clips through your AOL Mail account. As of January 2014, AOL limits the total size of messages to 25MB. This limit, which is similar to that imposed by other email providers, applies both to outgoing and incoming messages. One way to get around the limit is to reduce the number of attachments you send in one message, or to remove any embedded images in the email to reduce the total message size. If this doesn't work, you can use other options for transferring your files.

1 Alternatives to Attachments

Probably the simplest way to get around AOL's size limits is to upload the attachments to a cloud storage site such as DropBox, SkyDrive or Google Drive. After you upload the file, email your friend a link to the file that he can use to download it. Another alternative is to send the file through AOL's AIM software -- AOL places no size limits on these transfers. For this method to work, both you and your friend must be signed in to AIM. First, send a message to your friend, and then click the "Send Files" drop-down menu and select "Send File."

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