Can You Answer a Message on Tumblr Without Posting It?

Respond privately to Tumblr Ask and Fan Mail messages.
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You can privately answer a message from a Tumblr follower using the Tumblr Fan Mail feature. The Fan Mail feature is the Tumblr version of a private messaging platform. If a follower sent you a Fan Mail or Ask message, simply respond privately to the message to communicate with only the other user. When you respond to a Fan Mail message, only you and the recipient can access the message. If another Tumblr user sent you a message using the “Ask” feature, you can respond privately to the message.

1 Create a Private Fan Mail Message

2 Log

Log in to your Tumblr account and open your inbox.

3 Click

Click on the “Inbox” icon in the top navigation menu.

4 Click the Send Fan Mail icon

Click the “Send Fan Mail” icon in the right panel to open a New Message form.

5 Type

Type the username of the recipient in the Send To field if the field does not automatically populate.

Type the text of the message in the message body.

Click the drop-own list at the bottom of the message, then click the blog to associate with the message.

Click “Send." The private message is sent to the recipient.

6 Respond Privately to Ask or Fan Mail Message

Log in to your Tumblr account and open your inbox.

Click on the “Inbox” icon in the top navigation menu to open your Tumblr messages.

Click the message you would like to answer. The response form opens.

Type the message to the original sender in the message box.

Click “Answer Privately” to send the private message to the recipient.

  • You can exchange Fan Mail messages only with those you follow and those who follow you.
  • A follower must have been following a Fan Mail recipient at least 48 hours to send a private message to her.
  • The Ask feature must be enabled by the blog owner.

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