How to Get Yahoo Messenger to Work With Google Chrome

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Yahoo Messenger users typically chat through the official Yahoo Messenger client on a computer or phone, or via a Yahoo Mail widget. Sometimes, when used on Google Chrome, the widget can experience lagging or stop working. To get Yahoo Messenger to work with Chrome, you need to fix the problem related to Mail or use the service in Chrome outside of Mail.

1 Yahoo Mail

The widget often experiences issues when a version of Chrome is incompatible with Mail. It can also have problems when a buildup of temporary Internet files causes system memory drain resulting in browser lag. To update Chrome, click the Menu button (which is marked with three horizontal bars) and select “About Google Chrome.” To clean away all temporary Internet files, return to the main menu, select “History” and click “Clear Browsing Data.” When prompted, add a check mark to every data option and then click “Clear Browsing Data.”

2 Outside Mail

Another way to get Yahoo Messenger to work with Google Chrome is via a third-party Chrome app. You can use one dedicated to the service, such as Yahoo Messenger for Chrome, or one that offers access to multiple chat services, such as IM+ and Imo Messenger (links in Resources). To install and use a Chrome app, click “+ Free” on the app’s Chrome Web Store screen and then click “Add.” Click the app button on the browser or Apps page and follow the onscreen instructions.

3 Warning

Information in this article applies to Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail and Google Chrome as of October 2013.

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