Math Games for Seniors

Math-enrichment activities for seniors help to keep their minds sharp.

Math games for seniors help to keep their minds alert. Games can be played in a group setting so that seniors have the opportunity to socialize as well as use their brains. Online math games may be played as a competition, where scores are kept and awards are given.

1 Card Games

There are a variety of card games that require math skills. Bridge, for example, takes a great deal of focus and concentration as well as the ability to be able to count your cards and your partner's. The website has an alphabetic listing of card games and their rules. Even a simple game of poker uses math skills.

2 Math Games on the Computer

AARP has a website with free online games that require math skills. Games such as Sudoku require math skills and may be played alone at home, or in an activity center where competitions take place.

3 Board Games

There are a variety of board games that require simple math skills and some concentration such as Monopoly. Setting up a Monopoly marathon could be a fun activity that requires every participant to mange his own money as well as keeping track of rent due when someone lands on his property. Monopoly games can go on for hours and require every player to use math skills that sharpen the mind.

4 Casino Night

Putting a casino night together doesn't require a lot of money. Party stores have the basics you would need to help set the atmosphere. You can use chips or play money for the seniors to spend at the casino. Set up several tables for the various poker games such as Texas hold 'em, seven-card stud and Keno. Other games that are easy to set up include Bingo, Catch 21 and Black Jack.

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