Does Pandora Radio Require Wi-Fi When Using an iPod Touch?

Pandora Radio is an Internet streaming radio service, not a traditional radio.
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Pandora's streaming services require an active network connection -- it's true on the computer and it's true on mobile devices. The iPod Touch, unlike other mobile devices from Apple, offers only Wi-Fi for network connections. To use Pandora, Wi-Fi must be active.

1 Pandora Radio on iOS

The Pandora app for iOS is available for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. Pandora on iOS does not play local media, nor does it store files for offline use. All music played via Pandora streams over the available network connection. On a phone, you could use cellular data or Wi-Fi.

2 Connecting to Wi-Fi on the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch does not have a cellular connection; to access the Internet, you must connect to a nearby Wi-Fi access point. To search for an access point, open the "Settings" app and select "Wi-Fi" to select a wireless network within range. If the network is protected, a password prompt will pop up.

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