Irish Games to Play

Darts is one game that has its roots in Ireland.

Celebrating your Irish heritage includes many elements, like food and music. Playing an Irish game is another way to demonstrate your pride. There are several games that have their roots in Ireland, and organizing one of them is an ideal activity for an Irish-themed party for a holiday like St. Patrick's Day.

1 Darts

Darts is often associated with Ireland and is often be played in traditional Irish pubs. The game has its roots in the UK and has been played in Ireland for hundreds of year. This game involves throwing small arrows with a sharp point into a dart board, typically made of cork. The round board has different point denominations that players earn based on where their dart lands. Points are often marked on a chalk board that hangs next to the dart board.

2 Rounders

Rounders is a game played around a field with bases and a ball, and many believe it to be the first form of baseball. The game is played outdoors and was brought to America by Irish immigrants in the 19th century, growing in popularity here. The game is now virtually defunct in the US but is still played with vigor in Ireland, using bats to hit the ball and lasting between five and seven innings. There is even a professional rounders league governed by Ireland's Gaelic Athletic Association.

3 Road Bowling

Road bowling is a type of bowls game that is still played today in areas of Ireland like Cork and Armagh. The game consists of players tossing a bowl, also known as a bullet, down a track attempting to reach the finish point. The player that sends his or her bullet to the finish using the least amount of throws wins. It is similar to golf and is governed in Ireland by the Irish Road Bowling Association. Though originating in Ireland, the game is played in some pockets of the US, like Boston and Cambridge, New York.