PE Station Activities

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Creating stations for your physical education classes allows students to participate in a wide variety of activities. Set up a station in each corner of the gym. Divide your class into four groups and have them rotate through the activities.

1 Balancing

Set up a station for students to practice their balancing skills. Have them balance tennis balls on rackets. Challenge them to sit down, stand up and walk while balancing the balls. Provide students with beanbags and ask them to balance the beanbags on their heads as they walk around. Students can use a balance beam or a bench to practice walking forward and backward and balancing on one foot. Provide students with exercise balls on which to balance.

2 Dribbling

Create a station using basketballs and hula hoops for students to practice dribbling skills. Have students stand inside the hoops and dribble the balls outside the hoops. Ask them to walk around the perimeter of the hoops while dribbling the balls inside the hoops. Have students dribble at each side, then out front, while sitting down. Remind them to practice with each hand. Ask them to kneel and continue dribbling. Finally, have them stand up and dribble.

3 Fitness

Set up a station for students to perform a variety of fitness activities. Have them jump rope forward and backward. Provide them with a bench on which to step up and down. They can also stand on the bench and do calf raises. Many exercises can be completed without equipment. Have students do jumping jacks, lunges, squats, push-ups and sit-ups.

4 Throwing and Catching

Create a station with various types of balls. Have them use soccer balls to execute throw-ins with a partner. Students can use basketballs to practice chest passes, baseball throws and bounce passes. Set up your station near a net so they can practice free throws. Younger students can use utility balls to practice bouncing and catching independently and with a partner. They can also use the balls to complete underhand passes to a partner.

Mother of two, Erin Agnello writes about parenting, relationships, and education. She has been teaching since 2001 and works in special education and early literacy. Agnello holds a B.A. in psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University and a B.Ed. from Windsor University.