How to Make Liquid Liner Last All Day

Keeping eyeliner in place can be tricky, but it is possible.
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Liquid eyeliner lasts longer than pencil liners but still may not have enough staying power to make it through your entire day. To make your liner last as long as possible, remember the three P’s of eyeliner application: choose the right product, use a primer and set with powder.

1 The Three P’s: A Closer Look

Keeping liquid eyeliner in place all day starts at the cosmetics counter. Eyeliners are not all created equal -- performance varies greatly from one to the next. When shopping for liquid eyeliners, test them by drawing a line on the back of your hand. Choose the one that glides the easiest, creates the most consistent width and is the hardest to smudge when dry. Proper skin preparation is also critical to making eyeliner and other makeup last all day. After you moisturize, apply makeup primer with your fingers or a clean brush. Setting eyeliner with a powder will also improve performance. There are two ways to do this: apply your eye shadow first and then put your liquid eyeliner on over the powder, or apply the eyeliner and then use a brush to deposit shadow over the liner. Be sure to use an eye shadow that is a similar color to the eyeliner.

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