How to Color in Your Eyebrows With a Pencil Lightly

Feathery strokes fill in sparse brow areas best.
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Whether you were born with fair-colored brows or lost some hairs due to overzealous tweezing, sparse eyebrows are a common cosmetic problem. Even if your hairs are on the fuller side, sometimes a little definition to the brow line is required for a pretty, polished look. Whatever your situation may be, the fix for less-than-luscious brows is only a pencil away. When it comes to coloring in your brows, a light touch is the key to faking it without looking like a third-grade art project.

Choose an eyebrow pencil that is up to two shades lighter than your brows if you have dark hair. If you have light hair, opt for a pencil shade that is up to two shades darker for more definition.

Sit or stand in front of a mirror that allows you to see your eyebrows up close. If you have one, a magnifying mirror works well for filling in brows.

Sharpen the pencil using a makeup sharpener to ensure the tip is crisp. A sharp point will help you feather the strokes better and create finer lines.

Place a pencil beside your nose with the eraser end pointing up toward your forehead. Draw a small line beside the pencil on the side nearest your nose. This is how far out your brow should extend. Repeat the process on the opposite side of your nose for the other brow.

Place a finger at the outer corner of one eye and pull outward until your eyebrow is tight.

Place the tip of the eyebrow pencil at the inside corner of your brow at the pencil line you drew. Hold the pencil perpendicular and move it along the top hairline of your brow using short stokes until you reach the outer end of your natural brow.

Place the tip of the pencil back at the inside corner of your brow, perpendicular to your brow. Move the pencil along the bottom outline of your brow using short stokes until you reach the outer end of your natural brow.

Draw thin, feathery stokes inside your brow to fill in any bare spots or light hair.

Wash a mascara wand in soap and water to remove all traces of mascara. Dry it completely using a towel until no moisture remains. Brush the wand over your eyebrows once or twice to help feather out the pencil lines and create a more realistic looking brow.

Open a tube of clear mascara or clear brow gel. Apply a light, continuous swipe to both brows to set the color in place.

  • Remove any hair that is in the center of your brows using tweezers to create a cleaner look.

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