At first glance, it appears that the Google Chrome Web browser does not have an option to set a home page because there isn’t a Home button on the toolbar. However, the Home button isn’t a missing feature on Chrome. Unlike other Web browsers -- such as Internet Explorer and Firefox -- the Google Chrome browser’s Home button is disabled by default. You can add the Home button to the browser’s toolbar -- and set the home page’s URL -- through the Settings menu.

Step 1

Open Google Chrome, and then select the "Chrome Menu" icon resembling three lines.

Step 2

Choose "Settings" from the menu, and then select the "Show Home Button" check box in the Appearance section.

Step 3

Click "Change" under Show Home Button to open the Home Page dialog box.

Step 4

Select the "Open This Page" radio button, and then enter the URL of the website or Web page that you want to make your home page.

Step 5

Click the "Home" button to open the website you previously set as the home page.