With its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Samsung Brightside is an ideal fit for Verizon Wireless customers who send a lot of texts and emails. However, the Brightside also serves as a music player and can store thousands of your favorite tunes with an optional 32GB microSD card. The Brightside plays music saved in most common audio file formats. If you want to move your music collection from your PC to the Brightside, you can do so with the USB data cable that ships with the phone.

Step 1

Press the Home button and then tap "Settings." Scroll down to and select "USB Mode." Select "USB Mass Storage," and then tap "OK."

Step 2

Connect the USB data sync cable to the Samsung Brightside phone and then to the computer. Wait a few seconds for Windows to detect the Brightside and configure it as a removable storage device. If Windows displays an AutoPlay window, close it.

Step 3

Press "Windows-E" to open File Explorer. Click "Computer" in the navigation pane, and then double-click the drive letter for the SD card inside the Samsung Brightside phone.

Step 4

Double-click the "MyMusic" folder to open it. Right-click an open area inside the MyMusic folder window. Click "New" and then "Folder." Replace "New folder" with "NewMusic" or some other descriptive name and press "Enter."

Step 5

Press "Windows-E" again to open a second File Explorer window. Browse to the folder with the music files you want to transfer to the Samsung Brightside phone. Open the folder, then press "Ctrl-A" to select all of the song files in the folder. Press "Ctrl-C" to copy the songs to the Windows Clipboard.

Step 6

Go back to the File Explorer displaying the MyMusic folder on the Brightside phone. Double-click the "NewMusic" folder you created to open it.

Step 7

Press "Ctrl-V" to copy the song files from the computer to the new folder on the Brightside SD card. Depending on the number of song files you want to copy, the transfer may take only a few seconds or may take several minutes.

Step 8

Disconnect the USB cable from the Samsung Brightside phone and the computer.