What Kind of Present Can You Give Your Long-Distance Relationship Girlfriend?

Talk to your girlfriend over the computer every day.
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Making a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend work is a difficult challenge according to Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., a research scientist, therapist and best-selling author. You must commit to one another and do the work necessary to stay connected, Orbach advises in the “Huffington Post” article “Going Long-Distance? 8 Essentials to Help Your Relationship Thrive.” Gifts can help you and your girlfriend connect in enjoyable and exciting ways.

1 Connect With Words

Written words are an effective way to communicate and can make interesting gifts. Write a story or poem about what’s going on in your life at school or at home so you don’t grow apart. Compose a song and sing it to your girlfriend. Send her a packet of loving messages in individual envelopes she can open every morning. Write a plan for your next date and enclose a countdown chain or calendar with ideas for what she can do each day until the date.

2 Seeing Your Face

It is important for you and your girlfriend to keep your relationship visual to one another and to your friends so you remember you are a couple, according to Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D., a psychologist and marriage and family counselor in the Psych Central article “The Challenge of Long-Distance Relationships.” Accomplish that with pictures and picture gifts. Get a scrapbook or digital photo frame and fill it with pictures of the two of you. Use your computer to print a custom calendar with pictures of you both, listing important dates in your relationship. Have a shirt, cup, purse or other personal object custom-printed with a picture of you together.

3 Tangible Objects

If you aren’t there to pamper your girlfriend, send her opportunities to do that with spa coupons or a bath or scents gift basket. When you have time in-person with her, pay attention to the scents she chooses on a window-shopping trip to the mall so that, when you are apart again, you can send scents she finds appealing. Send her a CD or inexpensive MP3 player loaded with tunes that remind you of her. Send her a fruit bouquet. Use floriography to send her a message written in flowers. If religion plays an important role with the two of you, send her one half of a mizpah charm set to remind her that God watches over both of you when you are apart.

4 Person-to-Person Time

It’s important to make time to spend one-on-one time together, even if you talk to one another daily, advises Orbuch. If possible, save up to send her a ticket to come and see you for a school dance or other event. Show up unexpectedly with two tickets to a concert, movie or play she said she wanted to see. When you can’t physically be together, send her a pizza to enjoy while you video conference together on your computer. Watch the same movie together, but in your separate locations and talk about the movie together.

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