How to Make a Fruit of the Spirit Bracelet

Make your fruit of the spirit bracelet with love.

The fruit of the spirit are the characteristics that the apostle Paul says we should possess. Galatians 5:22-23 identifies the fruit as peace, joy, patience, love, kindness, gentleness, goodness, self-control and faithfulness. Making a bracelet that represents these traits is easy and fun, and can fill time on a rainy day or work as a bonding moment for group activities.

Make a bracelet using colorful ribbon.

Decide what type of material you want to make your bracelet out of. Different ideas include wire, elastic, thin chains, ribbon or yarn. To make a bracelet for a child, colorful yarn or elastic is a good choice.

make your jewlery with bright beads

Buy colored beads. The following colors represent the fruit of the spirit: red for love, brown for patience, gentleness for yellow, dark charcoal gray or black for self-control, orange for goodness, blue for kindness, gold represents joy or happiness, white is for peace, pink is for faithfulness

Measure your wrist by wrapping the material around your wrist. Add an extra inch of material so that you have plenty left over to tie the bracelet.

Tie a knot loosely at one end of the material so that beads won’t slide off as your assembling the bracelet.

Select the bead arrangement that you want your bracelet to have. This can be done by grouping one set of colors together, (with a charm or silver spacers in between colors), or by alternating the colored beads with spacers. Slide the beads onto material. You can add sentimental value to the bracelet by placing the colors in a sequence that is personal for you. Maybe your strong points are patience, love and self-control; add these beads first and as you work on the other traits, add them as well. Your bracelet can be used as a mile marker in your Bible reading -- as you study the scriptures that pertain to each trait, add that bead to your bracelet.

Fasten the bracelet. To fasten a bracelet, you can tie the ends together or, for a fancier look, use clasps to secure the bracelet.

Secure a clasp by running the material through the eye of the clasp and bring the material back towards the beaded strand. Put a clamp around the two strands and crimp with needle nose pliers. Repeat on other end.