Tips on Leaving Your Boyfriend a Romantic Note

Hiding a note in a fortune cookie is an unexpected communication.
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Romantic notes are a great way to show your boyfriend how much you care, but finding the right balance can be a bit tricky. Being overly serious can come off as cheesy, while being too light sometimes comes across as insincere. To make the most of a romantic note, match the writing and delivery style to the message you want to convey.

1 Serious Confessionals

If you want to express your deepest, most heartfelt emotions, sit down with paper and a pen. Handwritten notes show sincerity and authenticity in a way that electronic messages can’t match. Take a few minutes to reflect on your relationship and choose a theme for the letter, suggests Relax and let the words flow without trying to censor yourself. If your first draft comes out a bit choppy, keep your favorite phrases and do a second version that weaves them together.

2 Fun and Games

Sometimes you just want to leave a few short words to let your guy know that you’re thinking of him. Spice up your message by making it completely unexpected. Hide a note in his wallet, in a book he is reading or even inside a fortune cookie. Bake a cake and write your message in icing on top, fill a balloon with short love notes and ask him to pop it, or write your note in invisible ink. The goal is to surprise him with something fun, not to pour out your heart, so keep this sort of note short and sweet.

3 Taking It High-Tech

If your guy spends a lot of time texting or e-mailing, especially for work or school, a short love note can brighten his day. If you know he won’t get in trouble, try sending a cute message to his work e-mail or cell phone. points out that a personalized message from someone he loves is a treasure when hidden among all your guy’s must-do messages.

4 Keeping a Love Journal

If your boyfriend is the romantic sort, start a love journal together. Buy a nice notebook or journal and pass it back and forth, taking turns writing letters to each other. You don’t need to be eloquent or even worry about spelling and grammar, as long as you can read the writing. The goal is to capture the way you feel about each other now and in the future. Rereading the things you wrote can help you through a future rough patch or, if the relationship eventually ends, provide a great memento of this part of your life.

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