Jennifer Lopez knows how to take "Jenny From the Block" to the red carpet -- with a powerful and seductive smoky eye. Pair this look with a nude lip and highlighted cheeks and make anywhere you go your own real-life runway.

Step 1

Apply primer from your lid to your brow bone.

Step 2

Use a stiff eye shadow brush to apply a warm brown hue into your crease. Create a V shape by connecting the line you just created to an outward angle from the corner of your eye. This creates a cat-eye look.

Step 3

Soften out the line with a fluffy eye shadow brush.

Step 4

Repeat the shadow process again, but angling your crease line upward and inward toward your brow.

Step 5

Apply a dark brown shadow with your stiff brush to the outside corner of your V. Fill in that area of your crease to add depth. Stay inside the lighter brown color to avoid covering it up. Continue applying until you achieve a solid dark color.

Step 6

Color in the rest of your eyelid with a dark brown eyeliner pencil.

Step 7

Use your stiff brush to apply a shimmery brown eye shadow over the pencil.

Step 8

Apply black eyeliner on the corner of your eye up to the crease.

Step 9

Cover the black eyeliner with a black eye shadow, using your stiff brush.

Step 10

Line your upper and lower lashes with your black eyeliner pencil.

Step 11

Apply black eye shadow over your lash line, using a flat, angled brush. Carry it upward at the corner of your eye, following your first brown shadow pattern.

Step 12

Apply your shimmery brown eye shadow below the lower lash line using your stiff brush.

Step 13

Line the lower lashes with your black eye shadow and your flat, angled brush.

Step 14

Use your finger to apply a highlighter shadow to your brow bone and tear duct.

Step 15

Apply black mascara to your top and bottom lashes and flutter those sultry smoky eyes of yours.


  • Trade your brown shadows for shades of purples or blues for a colorful smoky eye effect.