The thought of punk makeup may bring to mind heavy raccoon eyes and blue mascara that would get you promptly sent home from work or school. A punk look doesn't have to be overdone. In fact, it is meant to be simple and carefree-looking. The key to a successful punk look is to do something unexpected in the shades that you choose and the way that they are applied. You can rough up a classic smoky eye with some punk-inspired brights that will have everyone asking if you're with the band.

Step 1

Wipe a cotton pad across your eyelids to absorb any oils that could prevent the makeup from adhering to your skin.

Step 2

Pat a dime-sized-amount of eye primer onto each lid, using your fingertip. This brings out the vibrancy of the makeup and helps it last longer.

Step 3

Position a 1-inch-long piece of cellophane tape beside the outer corner of your eye, angling it towards the end of your brow.

Step 4

Dip a domed shadow brush into some matte black eyeshadow and sweep it over your lid, using a windshield-wiper motion. Cover your entire lid until you reach the crease of your eye, sweeping the brush over the piece of tape.

Step 5

Dip the brush into a bright shadow and sweep it through your crease, using the same windshield-wiper motion. Keep your eyes open so that the color is visible. Reach for a bright blue or teal if you have dark skin and a purple or green shadow if you have fair skin.

Step 6

Place your fingertip in the crease of your eye and move it across the bright shadow from left to right in a circular motion. This blends the shadows together and creates a smudged effect.

Step 7

Place the same bright shadow on an angled shadow brush and gently create a line just beneath your lower lashes. Begin at the outer corner and end when you reach your tear duct.

Step 8

Remove the tape and wiggle a black mascara brush into the root of your upper lashes, then pull it through to the ends. Apply two coats.


  • Complement your bold eye makeup with a natural-looking base and neutral lip.