How to Make Your Own Gospel Tracts

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Making your own gospel tracts is a personal and prayerful way to communicate biblical messages drawn from the Christian gospels. Use Microsoft Office Word to create just the right Gospel tract. Christian tracts are a convenient way to spread the Christian message of hope and redemption.

Choose a verse or passage from one of the four gospels in the New Testament. You may select a verse that has particular meaning to you or a verse that brings a message to life. John 3:16, for example, expresses God's love for the world. Spend some time in quiet and prayerful reflection. Use a Gospel that may come to you during meditation.

Search the Web, magazines and books for images to accompany the message of your tract. An image of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified symbolizes the sacrifice of God's son as described in John 3:16. If you have artistic talent, you may want to draw an image for your tract. Write the message you want to convey based on the gospel verse or passage you selected.

Create your gospel tract in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Help in Word provides precise instructions for creating a booklet. Begin with a new document. Open Page Layout at the top of the blank page. Click on the Bookfold option in the Page Setup field.

Set the margins of your tract to a half-inch and set the Gutter to a quarter-inch more than the default. This keeps text from being lost in the fold of the tract. Open Headers and Footers and check "Different Odd and Even."
Select the Layout tab in Page Setup. Check Different Odd and Even in the Headers and Footers section.

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