Twitter recently began limiting third-party app access to the platform. Prior to the changes, you could use a service like TwitLonger or TwtMore to compose extended tweets in your iPhone’s Safari browser, then publish the link to the long tweet to your Twitter timeline from the Twitter iPhone app. Though you can still use these long tweet services to create extended tweets from the desktop version of Twitter, this technique is no longer supported in the iOS app. You must install an app that supports extended tweets, such as TweetList or Echofon, to create and post long tweets from your iPhone (see Resources).

Extended Tweet on iPhone

Download and install the selected iOS app that supports extended tweets. Open the app, then compose a tweet with more than 140 characters. Tap “Send” to post the tweet. The long tweet is automatically published through an interim service. For example, the Echofon app processes long tweets through the link-shortening service.