How to Write a Church Membership Transfer Letter

Help your church keep current by sending notification when you move.

When you move or decide to change churches, you must transfer your church membership from your current church to the new church. Notifying the old church that you are transferring will save them time and money because they can take you off the mailing list, and if you are leaving because of personal issues, notifying your church will provide them with valuable feedback in regard to how they may improve. If your church is part of a larger network of churches, your notification letters also assist the national or international office with updating their membership directory.

Begin the letter by typing your address without your name. Skip a line, and type the date. Skip an additional line and type the pastor's, priest's or minister's name; the church's name; and the church's address. Skip an additional line and type "Dear (religious official's title and name)" followed by a colon.

Explain that you are moving and as a result, you wish to be removed from the church's membership rolls. Alternately, if you are changing churches because of a personal reason, such as the fact that the new church has a better variety of service times that fits your schedule, state that. The old church will appreciate your feedback if given in a professional manner. Provide your name and the name of all of your family members who will be changing churches with you.

Provide your forwarding address if you are moving and the date that you expect to move if you have not done so already, as well as the address of the new church that you will be joining. If you haven't found a new church yet, tell them that you will contact them when you are settled in.

Thank whomever the letter is addressed to for his time. If it is appropriate, include a pleasantry about how much you have enjoyed your time at the church.

Type "Sincerely," and skip three lines. Type your full name. Print the letter and sign your name above the typed name.

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