Making a move can be a stressful situation for everyone in the family. There are some things you can do as a parent to make the transfer to a new elementary school easier for your child. Each state has specific requirements; but you can be prepared. Read the following guidelines to make the transfer less stressful for everyone.

Begin the transfer process as soon as you know about the move. Don't wait until the last minute if it's at all possible.

Explain to your children what is happening. Depending on their age, they may have deeply-rooted friendships that they must give up. Give each child a chance to say goodbye.

Collect all the necessary paperwork from the elementary school district you are leaving. Return all books including library books. Pay any fines, fees or outstanding bills you may have. It's helpful to call the school a couple days in advance so they can have the paperwork ready for you.

Visit the new school to enroll your children. Fill out all the necessary forms. Be sure to inquire about bus routes, lunch costs, dress codes and anything else pertaining to the school system. Get any immunizations your children may new in the new school.

Let your children meet their new teachers. Ask for a tour of the school facilities. It helps if you call ahead to schedule this visit.

Be positive about the transfer and especially the first day of school. Depending on your children, either walk them to the bus stop, or drop them off at school. If they look at the day as a big adventure, they can probably expect to have a good first day in a new elementary school.

Follow up with your children's teachers in a timely manner. Be sure to inquire about any problems the teachers may see as your children transition into a new school.