Receive mail at your new address by making a few changes.

It is important to establish a postal address once you move to a new area, particularly in the U.S. Quickly establishing an address can help with getting services set up such as cable and water, and it may be a requirement for gaining residency as a student from a different state. You also need to receive your mail at the correct address so that you do not miss important bills or correspondence.

Sign your lease and keep a copy if renting property, or get a copy of your mortgage agreement if buying. This is the first step toward establishing a postal address.

Set up power with the local utility company in your area. You may need to bring a copy of your lease or mortgage to prove that you are the current resident of the property. The utility company will send you a bill, and this will further establish your address.

Change your address at the U.S. post office by filling out a simple form online or in person. Your mail will automatically be forwarded to your new address from your old address.

Call your credit card companies, cell phone company, and all other financial institutions that need to know your new address. Go through the steps of changing your address with each of these companies. Your mail and statements will begin to arrive at your new location.

Go to the local Department of Motor Vehicles, particularly if you moved to a different state, and get a new license or identification card. Find out the policy for registering your vehicle in the new location. Register your vehicle if necessary.

Change your address with other federal agencies if expecting money or benefits, such as the IRS or Social Security.


  • You may need to have proof of residency in a certain state for a year or more to become an in-state resident for tuition purposes. Make sure to track this information down before moving to a new location.