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Newspapers provide reports from all over the world. The "Arkansas Democrat Gazette", for example, offers regional, national and foreign press coverage. The "Arkansas Democrat Gazette" is a regional newspaper leader for the Little Rock metropolitan area. The paper supplies everything from local news stories to content from the Associated Press. Viewing old newspaper articles from the "Arkansas Democrat Gazette" is a straightforward process and is available to anyone who completes a simple online registration.

Visit the official "Arkansas Democrat Gazette" website ( Scroll to and click the "News" tab on the main menu. Choose the "Archives" tab at the bottom of the news list.

Fill out the "Text-Only Search Form" at the bottom of the page. Enter any search words or titles applicable to the story. Sort results by entering the exact or approximate dates that the story would have appeared in the paper. Click "Execute Search" to pull up a list of articles. Scroll through the listing to find your text-only article.

Click the "Register" tab. Complete the prefabricated online registration form. Enter your current credit card information and click "Submit" to complete the registration process. Providing your credit card information allows you to review the entire "Arkansas Democrat Gazette" archives for $1.95 per article, as of 2011. Read all selected content and download complete articles -- including pictures and original formatting.