How to Find Old "Newsweek" Articles

There are several websites that offer Newsweek archives.
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Though "Newsweek" ceased offering a print publication in 2012, it still publishes numerous articles each week in digital form. These current articles are available through subscription and can be accessed from the "Newsweek" website. If you're looking for an older article published in "Newsweek," print or digital, you'll need to do a bit more digging to unearth these treasures.

  • Computer
  • Cash
  • Library card

1 Through

2 Visit the official Newsweek

Visit the official "Newsweek" website at, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the archive link at the far right hand side of the screen.

3 Scroll

Scroll down the page that the archive button links you to, and you will find old issues of "Newsweek" in digital form. On this website, you can access articles from the past year or so, but not articles that are older than that.

4 Click

Click on the issue you want to access, which takes you to another page where the articles included in that issue are listed. Click on the article you want to read to access the text.

5 Through Other Online Sites

6 Browse websites

Browse websites that offer archives of magazines that date back many years. For example, provides archives of old "Newsweek" articles as far back as 1995. Note, however, that some of these websites, including, are subscription services, so you might not be able to read the article in its entirety without paying for it.

7 Navigate the page

Navigate the page until you find the month and year of the article you're looking for, and click on the link that takes you to that issue or issues.

8 Choose the article

Choose the article you wish to read and click on the title, which will link you to the text.

9 Browse websites such as where you can purchase hard copies of old magazines as an alternative to accessing the digital versions online

Browse websites, such as, where you can purchase hard copies of old magazines as an alternative to accessing the digital versions online.

10 At the Library

11 Go

Go to the magazine section of your local library. Most libraries keep back issues of print magazines for several years.

12 Browse the titles

Browse the titles of the magazines to find "Newsweek." Most libraries organize their magazines in alphabetical order. If "Newsweek" isn't with the print publications since it's only available in digital form, speak with the librarian who can direct you to where hard copy back issues are stored.

13 Ask a librarian

Ask a librarian if you can use a computer to access old issues of "Newsweek." Most libraries offer free Internet service to patrons with a valid library card. Some libraries still use microfiche machines, and these can be another way to access older articles.

  • Not all old "Newsweek" articles are available in full-text version without paying for them.
  • College libraries often keep back issues of magazines, and you might be able to find old "Newsweek" articles there as well.
  • Some bookstores that stock old and vintage books might also stock old magazines.

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