How to Convert Nook Ebooks to Kindle

Once converted, Nook e-books appear on a Kindle like any Amazon title.
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Provided the e-books you read on your Nook aren't DRM-protected, you're perfectly free to convert them to another format to read on your Kindle. The process is pretty straightforward. Several online resources can change a Nook-friendly EPUB file to a Kindle-friendly MOBI file, usually using Amazon's AZW file extension. If you don't like the idea of uploading your e-books onto the Internet, you can also do the process yourself on your computer using a free program called Calibre.

1 Converting E-Books Online

2 Locate your EPUB files on your computer

Locate your EPUB files on your computer. If the files are only on your Nook, connect it to your computer's USB port.

3 Any online e-book

Navigate to any online e-book conversion website like, or Click the "Convert Epub File," then select the "Choose" or "Choose File" button on the website.

4 Navigate to the location

Navigate to the location where your Nook e-books are stored on your computer or Nook device. Select the EPUB file you want to convert to Kindle format and click "OK." Follow the onscreen instructions to download the converted AZW or MOBI file to your computer if it doesn't download automatically.

5 Disconnect the Nook

Disconnect the Nook from your computer's USB port and connect the Kindle. Drag the converted AZW or MOBI file into the Kindle's Books folder. The titles appear in your Kindle library.

6 Converting E-Books With Calibre

7 Download and install Calibre on your computer

Download and install Calibre on your computer (see Resources). The installation wizard prompts you to create a folder for your e-book files. Select "Amazon" when asked which e-book you use. Select your Kindle model from the list of devices.

8 Connect your Nook to the computer's USB port

Connect your Nook to the computer's USB port unless your e-books are stored on the computer. Click the "Add Books" button in Calibre and then select the e-book you want to convert.

9 Select the e-book

Select the e-book in the left pane of the Calibre window once it's loaded and then click the "Convert Books" button at the top of the window. Click "OK." A duplicate copy of the e-book appears in the list of e-books -- however the duplicate is in AZW format.

10 Launch File Explorer

Launch File Explorer on your computer and locate the Calibre e-book folder you created. Connect the Kindle to your computer's USB port and then drag the AZW file into the Books folder on the Kindle.

  • If you have PDF or DOC files, these can be copied into the Kindle's Documents folder. Only e-books in AZW or MOBI format can be recognized in the Kindle's Books folder.

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