How to Talk to a Spirit

Meditation can clear your mind and open you up to receive spirits.

People want to contact spirits for a number of reasons, including mere curiosity about history and its people, to reconnect with a loved one or just to have a paranormal experience. Whether you need advice from beyond or just want proof that there is life after death, talking to spirits is one way to begin your paranormal adventure. Talking to spirits is not easy, of course, but with some tools and tips, opening yourself up to the spirit world can be a successful and rewarding journey.

Learn the art of meditation. Meditating helps clear the mind and allows spirits to communicate with you through images, symbols and intuition. Always protect yourself before meditating by imagining yourself filled with a white light and calling for your angels and guides to protect you. Clear your mind and begin to breathe deeply. Think of the question you want answers to or the spirit you want to contact and see what happens. Meditation takes practice, so keep at it.

Use a Ouija board. Although Ouija boards are controversial in the world of the paranormal, they are widely available and can be used effectively to contact spirits. Before you use one, ask for protection from your guides and angels to help keep your experience safe from negative thoughts and paranormal contacts. Always use the board with another person for safety and keep a record of your results.

Try automatic writing. Automatic writing is a form of active meditation where you reach a relaxed state and allow your hand to move over paper without censorship or thought. With pen in hand, many people can receive messages from beyond and, with proper spiritual protection, this can be an interesting way to talk to spirits. Practice your meditation first and then try automatic writing.

Find a reputable psychic as a good way to start your connection with the spirit world, A psychic can also give you tips on how to contact spirits yourself. Don't waste your money on neon-sign psychics or carnival sideshows. Contact a reputable psychic who can truly contact the spirits for you. When you get there, don't tell the psychic too much about yourself. Think of the person you want to contact for better results.

Record your dreams. Spirits find it easier, it seems, to communicate with us in our dream state. We are open and relaxed and if you think of your questions or the spirit you want to communicate with before going to bed, you may bump into a spirit in your dream. Keep a dream journal and pay special attention to the dreams where your loved one shows up and interacts in your dream. She may be trying to tell you something or guide you in some way.