How to Appear More Attractive and Confident

Smiling is a quick way to appear both attractive and self-assured.
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Few personality traits are more attractive than a well-developed sense of confidence. You might have even found yourself attracted to someone with high self-assurance -- a person who seems both calm under pressure yet open and friendly to everyone around. Of course, not everyone feels confident all the time, and self-doubt and nervousness can undermine your attempts to be attractive. However, a few strategies can help you channel your inner confidence.

1 Show Those Teeth

One way to instantly appear more attractive is to smile. This will make you seem more approachable, and it will convey that you are comfortable in your own skin as well as in the current situation. Smiling comes with many physical and mental benefits, suggests licensed clinical social worker Karen Kleiman in the Psychology Today article "Try Some Smile Therapy." A smile lowers your blood pressure, reducing stress, and releases serotonin and endorphins, chemicals that regulate pleasant feelings in the brain. Even if you are feeling less than confident at the moment, a smile is worth a try.

2 Have the Right Posture

Your posture affects your self-image, suggests a study discussed in the Ohio State article "Body Posture Affects Confidence in Your Own Thoughts." Participants rated themselves while slouching or sitting upright. Those with an upright posture revealed a more positive self-image. With this in mind, practice standing up straight with your chest out and shoulders relaxed. You will look and feel more attractive and confident. Avoid slouching, which is a sign that your unconfident attitude is leading you to make yourself seem smaller and out of sight.

3 Take Care of Yourself

Natural features aside -- such as body type or facial structure -- much of what makes you attractive is under your control, suggests social psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in the Psychology Today article "Being Beautiful or Handsome Is Easier Than You Think!" Remember to practice regular grooming, routinely washing your face, body and hair. Buy clothes that complement your figure. If you feel the need to, exercise more often. Not only will these choices make you more attractive, you might also feel less self-conscious about your appearance when you're socializing.

4 Develop a Sense of Calm

Anxiety can undermine your attempts to seem attractive and confident. You might come off as a nervous wreck, and few people find that attractive. Meditative exercises can help you find a calm sense of confidence, suggests Margarita Tartakovsky, associate editor for PsychCentral, in "3 Techniques to Boost Your Confidence." Go to a peaceful place and focus on your breathing. Find a comfortable breathing pace that allows you to breathe deep and slowly from your diaphragm. If your mind wanders, direct it back to your breathing. Practice this for a few minutes before a social encounter until you feel tension leave your body and your nerves ease.

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