How to Make a Scrying Mirror

Make a Scrying Mirror

Scrying is the use of a reflective surface to foretell the future. Made famous by Nostradamus himself, the scrying mirror is one of the most easily used gazing devices. Although crystal balls or placid bowls of water can also be used, the black scrying mirror is the most common and usually the most successful for new users. Although you can buy a black scrying mirror online or at new age stores, making your own gives your experience a more personal connection. It's an easy process, so gather your materials and let's get started.

Get your large picture frame with glass insert. I recommend getting a large antique or ornate frame and then getting glass cut to fit. Remember, this is your gazing device for which you should look into another world, so choose a unique frame that will help transport you to another place.

Take the glass insert out of the frame and clean it with window cleaner and paper towels. Make sure it is clean and lint-free.

Take the flat black spray paint and begin to coat 1 side of the glass with even, light strokes. Apply 1 thin coat and allow to dry. Apply following coats, drying completely in between coats, until no light shows through the glass.

Place the glass into the frame with the painted surface towards the back. You want the glass, unpainted surface facing you in the frame. Apply the back to the frame to secure the glass. If your frame didn't come with a backing, simply cut some heavy weight cardboard to fit and then use packing tape to seal the back to the frame.

Bless the mirror with holy water or say a prayer of protection over it so that your scrying attempts are safe and successful.