How to Separate the Mind From the Body Consciously

Use meditation to separate your mind from your body.

Many cultures and religions recognize the body and the mind as being two joined, but distinct, entities. As such, they can be separated. While many people report becoming “separated” from their bodies during near-death experiences, others claim to be able to separate their minds from their bodies using a variety of techniques, such as deep meditation and astral projection. The one thing all methods for separating mind from body share is a heavy emphasis of visualization and calming techniques.

Find a tranquil place to sit or lay down with no noise or distractions. Choose a resting position that feels comfortable to you.

Close your eyes and focus on taking and releasing deep breaths.

Picture yourself in as much detail as possible.

Continue this exercise until you feel yourself completely relaxed. As you focus on breathing, try to remove all thoughts from your mind.

Visualize yourself getting up from the position you are in, but without actually moving your body. Imagine that you are leaving your body and floating above it.

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