How to Remove Negativity From Your Spirit

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Negativity can affect your spirit in many ways, making you fearful, paranoid,and angry. Negativity can also ruin friendships and family relationships. It can also affect your physical health, leaving your feeling weak, tired and susceptible to colds and flu. Releasing negativity from your spirit is a multi-faceted process where you mentally remove negative influences and dedicate yourself to positive energy.

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Change your way of thinking. A negative spirit is fostered by negative self-talk and chances are you have been feeding your negativity with thoughts like, “I can’t,” “I am worthless,” “I am ugly,” “I am a failure.” Create a more positive environment for your cleansed spirit by replacing negative talk with positive talk. Remind yourself of your own worthiness by taping these phrases on your mirror; “I can,” “I am successful,” “I am beautiful,” “I am smart.”

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Do a sage cleansing on your environment and on yourself. Sage is traditionally used by many cultures to remove negativity or evil spirits from land or dwellings and can be used to lift dark energy from your body as well. Light your sage stick and allow the smoke to waft over your entire body. Call to your angels to remove the negativity from your spirit. Go through your home as well, marking every window and doorway with sage smoke. Repeat daily if needed.

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Use visualization. Enter a meditative state and then visualize all your negativity or all the negativity you feel in your spirit and imagine that it is being vacuumed away from you into a canister. Imagine removing the canister and placing it on a rocket to send it into space. Imagine all the negativity being drained away from your spirit and filling all that space with white light.

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Ask for help from a higher power. Pray to your higher power be that God, The Universe or whatever you believe in. Ask for help to remove the negative influences in your life and remove the negativity from your spirit. Allow the power of the higher being to cleanse your spirit and renew your positive energy.

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Create a concrete symbol of your negativity and release it. Take some rocks and write down words that represent all the negative things you feel. Take your rocks to a beach or lake and one by one throw them into the water, releasing them totally as you go.

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Pledge yourself to good and positivity. Once you have released all the negativity from spirit protect your cleansed self from negative influences. Each morning pledge to accept positive energy and reject negative influences