How to Align Chakras

Each chakra is represented by a color of the rainbow.

A number of spiritual-based practices teach that the chakras are the seven colored orbs of energy within your spirit. These seven chakras govern your mind and body energy flow. According to David Pond, author of "Chakras for Beginners," if you feel as though your life is generally out of balance, aligning your chakras might help. A meditative breathing practice will allow you to visualize each chakra and re-balance your body’s energy. According to Ambika Wauters, author of "The Book of Chakras," you should perform this exercise any time you feel that your energy -- or your life -- is out of balance.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable and quiet room where you will not be disturbed as you work through the breathing exercises and visualizations.

Close your eyes and begin to take slow, full breaths to relax your body. Inhale for three to five seconds and hold this breath for one second before exhaling slowly for another three to five seconds. You should not be gasping for air, the idea is to oxygenate your blood stream and achieve a state of deep relaxation.

Visualize your root chakra -- the chakra for stability and security -- as a glowing red orb at the base of your spine. As you breathe, see this glowing red light becoming brighter and more vibrant. When you are satisfied that you have cleansed and centered your root chakra, you will feel ready to release it and move on.

Visualize your sacral chakra -- the energy center for creativity and passion -- as a glowing orange orb just below your navel. Repeat the cleansing breath exercise.

Visualize your solar plexus chakra -- source of control and personal power -- as a glowing yellow orb at the base of your rib cage. Breathe through cleansing this chakra.

Visualize your heart chakra as a glowing green orb in the center of your chest. Use the cleansing breath exercise to expand feelings of compassion, well-being and unconditional love.

Visualize your throat chakra -- center for expression, communication, truth and trust -- as a bright blue orb in the front of your neck, at the Adam's apple. Repeat the cleansing breath exercise to align and empower this chakra.

Visualize your third eye chakra -- for intuition and emotional release -- as a glowing indigo orb in the center of your forehead. Cleanse this chakra using the cleansing breath exercise.

Visualize your crown chakra -- the center for consciousness awakening and enlightenment -- as a glowing violet or amethyst orb just above your head. Use the cleansing breath exercise to align this chakra.

Visualize a string attached to all of your chakras, beginning with your crown chakra. Imagine that you are slightly pulling on this string to align all of your chakras in a straight line through the center of your body.

Slowly open your eyes and take a few moments to adjust before moving on with your day.

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