How to Read Auras

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An aura is an emanating energy that infuses every thing in the world. It is an extension of the person or object's physical form that is usually invisible to the naked eye. The ability to see and interpret the auras of people things is art that can be learned. Once a person learns to read auras it can be used to discern a person or thing’s condition. For people this means evaluating the person’s spiritual, emotional, and physical condition.

1 Free your mind of bias

Free your mind of bias. This is the hardest part of seeing auras because the first thing you must do is identify the bias. You may be skeptical or totally accepting of psychic abilities but, either way, until you free your mind of any preconceptions your impressions cannot be trusted.

2 Position the person or object

Position the person or object. Ideally, the person or thing whose aura you are trying to read should be in front of a plain pale surface. For a person, you should begin about 30 feet (10 meters) from them and begin walking forward. Hold your hands out in front of you. With every step, you need to stop and ask yourself, “Does the aura extend to here?” When you feel the answer is positive, stop moving forward. Open yourself to the feeling and you should feel a warmth or tingling in you hands.

3 Close your eyes

Close your eyes and free your mind. When you are ready open you eyes. Allow yourself to see the person without focusing on them. With practice you will begin to see a light color that surrounds and moves with them.

4 Look for the layers in the auras

Look for the layers in the auras. There will be an inner layer and outer layers. The layers will vary in intensity.

5 Interpret the colors

Interpret the colors of the inner aura. An Inner Aura that radiates red is significant of energy, strength, and passion. Orange is wisdom, healing, and change. Yellow will symbolize intelligence, joy, and self-confidence. Green is all about balance, harmony, and life. Blue is representative of spirituality, meditation, and peace. Indigo is enlightenment, serenity, and devotion.

6 Interpret the colors of the outer auras

Interpret the colors of the outer auras. Outer Auras that emanate red indicate sexual passion, attraction, and anger. Orange is significant of cheerfulness. Yellow means curiosity while green is representative of prosperity or jealousy. Blue indicates inner peace or the lack of it. Indigo symbolizes understanding or withdrawal.

Richard Sweeney is a former educator and now freelance writer living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He has been writing since 1995 publishing articles in national publications such as "Men's Outlook Journal" and "Travel". Sweeney left the education profession in 2007 but likes to remain knowledgeable about current policies and teaching techniques.