How to Get a Godparent Certificate

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It's an honor to be asked to godparent a new baby. Godparents promise the parents and the congregation where the child is baptized or dedicated that they will help see to a child’s spiritual guidance. It’s a duty that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are the parents of the baby, you will have discussed all aspects of godparenting your infant. Why not make a godparent certificate commemorating this occasion for your chosen couple?

1 Leads you

Resource 1 leads you to a free godparent certificate you can download. Check how the certificate is set up, then begin designing your own certificate for each godparent. To add embellishments to the paper, see whether your page-making program includes decorative borders as an option. If not, various websites offer inexpensive decorative edges. Some good page-making programs on the market as of 2009 are Publisher, Adobe, DeskTop Publishing and PrintMaster.

2 Personalize the certificate to your circumstances

Personalize the certificate to your circumstances. Write down what this responsibility includes on the certificate if you have the room. You will also want to read these responsibilities during the ceremony. Although a godparent certificate is not a legal paper, it is a serious covenant between parents, godparents and child and is often formalized through a church event.

3 Find space

Find space on the certificate to add the qualities for which you have chosen each of the godparents. Add lines for the date, your signature and theirs, as well as the clergy's signature. Leave a spot for baby’s hand print, which you will add once the certificate is printed.

4 Place a digital picture

Place a digital picture of your baby on the certificate, or find a photo to glue on once your certificate is completed.

5 Print the certificate

Print the certificate on vellum paper or paper of your choice.

6 Roll your baby's hand in washable

Roll your baby's hand in washable, nontoxic tempera paint and add it to the certificate. If you did not add a digital photo in Step 4, glue on a photo of your child.

7 Frame the completed godparent certificate

Frame the completed godparent certificate.

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