Lutheran Baptism Present Ideas

Parents, godparents and family members join together to celebrate an infant's baptism into the Lutheran faith.
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An infant baptism is a time for celebration for families of the Lutheran faith. Even though the Christian Church as a whole is divided on the subject, Lutherans believe that Jesus prescribed infant baptism in the Bible in Matthew 28:19. At the baptism, godparents are appointed and charged with assisting in the child's spiritual development. Godparents, family members and special friends often bestow a commemorative gift at the time of baptism. There are several appropriate choices for infants who are baptized into the Lutheran faith.

1 Commemorative Bible

Bibles are available in various sizes and prices.
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A Bible is always a perfect choice for a religious gift for a Lutheran. Bibles are available in several sizes and styles, and several are geared specifically for young children. Bibles come in several price ranges as well. For a baptism, a commemorative Bible, with a section in which to document spiritual milestones in the child's life, assemble a family tree, and record births, deaths and marriages that are important to the child's family. Decorative Bible cases are also available at most religious retail stores, and are an attractive way to protect the gift.

2 Baptism Candles

The baptism candle is lit on the day of the event, and burned each year on the anniversary of the baptism.
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A baptism candle is a traditional gift and is most often given by the godparents. Candles are utilized in many Christian rites and celebrations, and symbolically indicate the presence of the divine. The baptism candle is usually decorated with marker lines. The candle is lit and burned on the day of baptism, and then subsequently in the anniversary of the baptism up to eighteen years afterward. The markers on the candle indicate each year of the anniversary. A decorative or engraved candle holder may also be given with the baptism candle.

3 Religious Media

Religious books create a time of spiritual sharing between parents and child.
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Books, music and audio-visual materials with a religious theme are also great baptism gifts that can grow with the child. Books that can be shared among parents, grandparents, godparents and the child offer spiritual bonding time and education. If in doubt about appropriate materials, you may ask your church's pastor to make some recommendations.

4 Jewelry and Charms

Pendants and charms can be engraved to commemorate the baptism.
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Child-size rings, bracelets and necklaces are another gift that can be used to commemorate a Lutheran baptism and sometimes can be engraved. A charm bracelet from godparents can be added to on the anniversary of each baptism.

5 Personalized Holiday Ornaments

Personalized ornaments are great for baptisms that occur near holiday time
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A personalized holiday ornament is another way to note the baptism event, especially if the baptism falls near holiday time. The ornament can be inscribed with the child's name, godparent's names and date of baptism. Ornaments come in several colors, sizes, styles and price ranges, and can be used year after year as a reminder of the event.

6 Engraved Frames

Personalized frames can be used to display a photo of the child in baptism attire
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Engraved frames have the dual benefit of having baptism information inscribed on them, and the ability to display a photograph of the child in baptism attire, with godparents or parents.

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