Creating a template for an annual high school graduation saves time.

If you're an administrative assistant responsible for creating a high school program for every graduating class, having a template will save you time and also ensure consistency. Using a desktop publishing program such as Microsoft Publisher, you can create a template that allows you to use the same graphic elements and quickly update basic information without having to recreate the program every year. A template will also helps others to quickly update the program with minimal guidance. Microsoft Publisher makes it simple to create and save a document as a template that can be used again.

Open Microsoft Publisher and Click "New" on the "File" menu toolbar located at the top of the screen.

At the top of the screen, type the word "Programs" in the search box following the words "Search For Template" and click on the green arrow button.

Select the "Music" template under the "Classic Design" options. This template is most suited for a graduation ceremony program.

Fill with relevant content which may include your school's official seal and the order of the ceremony. Insert additional pages for the list of student names. To add more pages to the program booklet, right click on the small squares at the bottom of the screen on the left. Select "Insert Page"

Once you have inserted the content for the program, Click on "File" and then select "Save As." Select "Publisher Template" from the second drop down menu in the "Save As" window. Type a file name for the template.

Once saved as a template, the location where the file will be saved changes so that the file is in your templates folder for future use.


  • Rather than typing the name of each graduating student into your MS Publisher design, you can cut and paste two or three columns of names directly onto your MS Publisher. The names will import as a table which you can then adjust on the page as desired.