How to Find Your Past Life

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Reincarnation is a central principle in many religious beliefs. One benefit of reincarnation is your ability to discover information about a specific past life in order to gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a soul traveling through many lifetimes. Advocates of past-life regression believe that by uncovering the truths of your past life, you can ultimately understand truths related to the life you are living now.

1 Fill the bowl

Fill the bowl with water and place it on a table in a dark, quiet room. It is best to do this in the evening or at night so that the room is very dark.

2 And set it

Light the candle and set it so that you can see its flicker, but not its flame while you look at the surface of the water. The flickering light helps to induce a trance state. However, you may focus on the flame if it is within your line of vision.

3 Hold the crystal in your hand

Hold the crystal in your hand. Quartz crystals are purported by crystal healing advocates to be stones with both healing and protective qualities. They are also energy boosters, which will help you further in your efforts to revisit your past life.

4 Position your helper

Position your helper so that she is out of your line of sight. She should be ready to assist you in case you feel weak or overcome with emotion or memory during the process. She is also there to help you remember anything you say aloud as part of your trance.

5 Gaze into the water

Gaze into the water. Do this with a gentle focus. You do not need to stare without blinking.

6 Allow images

Allow images of your past in this life to come to you. Recognize and then release them, moving steadily backward in time.

7 Continue allowing images

Continue allowing images of the past to come until you reach memories from a previous life. These memories may come to you in a jumbled sequence, the way memories from your current life do. Just accept the images as they are and allow them to come as they will.

8 This session when you feel like you have come to a natural stopping point and record what you have seen

End this session when you feel like you have come to a natural stopping point and record what you have seen.

9 Repeat this process

Repeat this process as often as you like in order to get a fuller picture of the lives you have seen in the water bowl.

Laura Britton is a graduate of Indiana University and a former English teacher. She is the managing editor of "The Balefire" magazine, and her work has appeared in several magazines and journals. Britton has been writing professionally for 10 years.