Change your address to receive mail at college.

Lots of changes occur around the time you head off to college. Changing the address from your parent’s home to your campus mailbox or college apartment is one of them. Although this new address might be temporary, you do need to put in for it with the post office. Another type of change of address for college is with the college registrar’s office, so that the school knows where to send your grades and other information.


Obtain a change-of-address form at a post office. Or you can file your change of address online (see Resources section).

Complete the change of address form. You should fill in your name and current address. You also need to supply your new mailing address while you are away at college. You should also check the box on the form that says it is a temporary change of address if you intend to come home for the summers or other times. Complete the dates that the change of address should be in effect.

Sign and submit the form. You can submit the form to the USPS by putting the card in the mail or by delivering it to one of the USPS branch locations. If you choose to submit your change of address online, then click the submit button once you finish filling out the form.


Contact the registrar office for the college you attend. The registrar requires that you maintain accurate address information with the office. You can call the office or visit the office in person. Some registrar offices allow you to send in the change of address via email or to complete a form online. Contact someone in the office to determine your options.

Complete the form or type up the change of address information. You typically need to include your student number, which is often your Social Security number, so the representative can pull and update your file.

Submit the change of address. Whether you handle it on the phone, in person or online, submit the change of address information to the college registrar’s office any time your address changes while you are enrolled at that school.


  • Each time your address changes for college, you should alert both the USPS and the registrar’s office to ensure continued prompt delivery of your mail.